Tutorial: Bulletin Data Explanations

What information does a bulletin contain?

Bulletin Details Page

  • Title: A unique title for each bulletin event. The title begins with an abbreviation for the organization which published the source document, then an abbreviation for the name of the source document, followed by a brief description of the event or incident to which the bulletin refers.
  • Source: The organization that published the source document.
  • Source Document: The name of the source document. If the source document is public, it will be linked.
  • Page Number: The page(s) where details about the incident can be found in the source document.
  • Source Date: The date when the source document was published.
  • Participants: Any participants involved in the incident will be listed here. If the participant was a group or had a political affiliation, this information will display next to each participant description.
  • Keywords: List of all keywords that describe the violation(s) contained in the bulletin. Most incidents have multiple keywords.
  • Act or Acts: A short, descriptive title for the act(s) committed during the incident.
  • Event Start Date: The date when the incident began, if known.
  • Event End Date: The date when the incident ended, if known.
  • Perpetrator(s): The participant perpetrating the act(s).
  • Victim(s): The individual/group harmed by the act(s).
  • Witness(es): Any individuals/groups identified has having witnessed the act(s).
  • Province(s): The province(s) where the incident occurred.
  • District(s): The district(s) where the incident occurred.
  • Incident Narrative: The relevant text from the source document which contains all information used in the bulletin.

Who Are We

The Afghanistan Documentation Project is the product of a partnership between the War Crimes Research Office and the Pence Law Library of the American University Washington College of Law and the U.S. Institute of Peace. It was established to collect and create a fully searchable and publicly accessible database of documents regarding human rights and humanitarian law violations committed in Afghanistan since 1978.